Like millions of people around the country on the 1st and 15th of the month I experience that slow fear that starts at the back of the mind and slowly worms it way  down to the pit of the stomach. How do I take an already small check and bit by bit chip away at it until there is almost nothing left and still feel at the end of the day like I am a person moving forward as opposed to sitting stagnant?  After thinking long and hard about it I think that one word really sums it up. That word is perspective.

On my wall at work I have a Rosie the riveter sign that says “you can do it” .Every time I look at it it reminds me of the men and women who have come before me and went without on a level that is almost inconceivable in this day and age.  They had a perspective that things could be worse. That there were others with less. They had first hand knowledge of what selfish thinking did to individuals and then by extension their families.

When I think about all of that and I look around at everything that I have I sometimes wonder what I could possibly be crying about 🙂

So what if I can’t go out to eat for 2 weeks. I have a freezer stocked with food (at least for now) and I am in no danger of loosing anything that we currently have even if we wont be able to get anything new for a while.

My bills are paid, my family is healthy , and as long as I keep everyone feed they are happy 🙂